Google AdWords Starts Testing Further Real Estate on Search Results

April 11, 2017
Keeping Up With the Advertis-ashians
June 16, 2017


Google is again testing an expansion of the amount of space dedicated their AdWords advertising platforms. Expanded Text Ad’s (ETA’s) are potentially going from a description character limit of 80 to a further 80.

Consumers are becoming more susceptible to clicking on AdWords ads regarding multiple changes Google has made this year so far. It seems they are constantly looking for ways to provide more information and space on the SERP’s for paying customers. We will monitor this over the coming week’s and report any examples we find.

A Short History of the AdWords SERP (Search Engine Results Page) Updates:

  • 31st of January 2017 - we saw the last chance to change your standard text ad’s to expanded text ads. This change has proven to offer advertisers a higher CTR (Click-Through-Rate) and in a lot of cases a lower CPC (Cost-Per-Click).
  • 22nd of February 2017 – Google changed the AdWords­ symbol yet again to a green outlined ‘Ad’ symbol making it blend in more with the organic results.
  • 17th March 2017 – Google announces new variations to match types. Exact match won’t refer only to the search term appearing in the exact order and words but will also include searches with similar intent. Somebody searching for Counsellor in Melbourne will also appear for Melbourne Counsellor. This change has upset a lot of AdWords users as it’s not really an exact match of the keyword anymore but include a wider variety of terms. However, it is also including more misspellings of word’s from user’s who still have the same intent of purchasing the product or service. We will be monitoring these changes over the coming months to understand whether our clients will benefit more from this or not.

We would like to think that all of these changes by Google are for the benefit of the end user however only time will tell if this is the case. Google is constantly testing new features and some will have a very long shelf life and others not so long...


Gus Taylor

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