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June 16, 2017
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April 11, 2017
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June 21, 2017
In an ever changing world, trends they’ll come and go. In our world of fame and fortune the Kardashians set the bar but in the world of advertising, Google is the trend setting, money making queen bee. The latest update in Google’s marketing arsenal? Posts.

Mind blown, I know. It’s genius.

This latest feature will appear underneath a Google My Business listing and will take the form of an event, promotion or seductive call to action. While it’s still very early days to determine how or if the posts might affect a business’ SEO, it’s not premature to assume an avenue of strategic marketing.

Think of the possibilities! With this ‘Post’ feature we could potentially be looking at a new social media platform exclusive to Google and while it may not live up to its Facebook counterpart, it may still become a genesis for a social business hybrid.

With such a forum, businesses will be afforded a more active interaction with their clients using news and updates, events and promotions to boost traffic to their websites. Not to mention the prime real estate on the SERP!

Like any prototype however, it has its flaws. The fact that these posts can’t be shared on other social media avenues means that the only way people would see them, is by looking up the business. No pop-ups to catch clients off guard. No notifications to peak people’s interest. Nothing to lead people to look up your business unless already seeking your service.

With all the new toys Google gives us to play with, some we’ll fight for, others we’ll get over, but which of the two is this? Are Google Posts the popular new fidget spinner or the long discarded slinky?


Monica Wasef

Monica has always had a way with words and, having majored in Creative Writing, she aspired to transform her passion into a thriving career. Today she is our leading Content Manager and she ensures that the content on your page reads like poetry. She aims to work her way towards a position in Creative Directing and manage advertising projects in their entirety. She also hopes to some day author her own novel.

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