Why CloudHQ Save Emails to PDF is an Awesome Tool for an SEO Company

November 6, 2017
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June 21, 2017
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February 6, 2019

As an SEO company, we’re always looking for ways to stay on top of our clients’ accounts, and offer the best services we can.

As such, when we find a new tool that makes our lives a lot easier, we jump at the chance to use it. The cloudHQ Save Emails to PDF app is one such tool that’s quickly become one of our favourites, and helped our productivity soar.

SEO-Friendly Functionality

We’ve been using a lot of cloudHQ’s apps for Chrome, but this is one in particular has come in handy on a daily basis. Analysis and organisation are key parts of any SEO strategy - after all, it’s hard to stay updated on how our clients are doing if emails are getting lost in the void. This tool saves us time, impacts strategy, and (best of all!) it was absolutely free.

Everything in One Place

We get notified via email when clients get leads, but these leads aren’t as useful to us as they could be when they’re sitting in our inbox. It wastes a lot of time scrolling through our emails looking for a particular message. We need to be able to look at these leads, get them together in one place, and show them to clients too. That’s just what cloudHQ’s app lets us do!

Automation to Save Time

We’re busy people, doing highly technical, top-secret things to our clients’ websites (if we told you, we’d have to kill you...). As such, we don’t have the time to sit there going through emails and converting them one-by-one. With a few clicks we can select all the lead-containing emails, and cloudHQ Save Emails to PDF does the rest!

We just click a few buttons, queue up the emails that we want to export, and get back to work while cloudHQ’s app does its thing in the background. Once it’s ready, we even get a notification letting us know they’ve been converted to PDF and are ready for download.

Happy days! Time for us to take a closer look at these leads now they’re properly organised, or get this information into a spreadsheet.

Amazing Insights

Getting all client lead emails arranged in one easy-to-access location allows us to properly study and present the data. We can see which leads actually result in conversions, and show this to clients - keeping them happy with our services! We also keep a close eye on what services people are enquiring about, and this helps shape our strategy when it comes to creating new content on clients’ websites.

Try It Yourself

We’re generous people here at Clear SEO, so we thought we’d let you know about this app and save you a bit of time and energy. Whether you’re specifically in the online marketing and advertising industry, or doing something completely different, it’s obvious how beneficial the app is when it comes to improving productivity.

Check it out and download it here - you’re welcome!


Alex Cooper

Alex has always enjoyed writing, training as a Journalist in Sheffield, England before moving to London and working as a copywriter. Since coming to Sydney in 2016, Alex has moved into the world of SEO, and hopes to become a leading creative in the marketing/advertising industry (or any other job title that allows him to make puns for a living).

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