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In the past, local advertising meant: directories, local newspapers, gazettes, and fliers. In the Digital Age, these older vehicles for marketing simply don’t cut it like they used to. To effectively target your local market you’ve got to get straight to the source where your potential clients are searching for your services: Google.

Google My Business is tailored specifically for small to medium sized, local businesses like yours. Imagine your car has just overheated. You know you need to get to a mechanic and you need to find one nearby. You take out your mobile phone and search: “Mechanic Surry Hills.” At the top of your Google search you’ll find a map with three listings right beneath it. These are three potential candidates to fix your car. They’re all nearby, but you want to know more about these businesses. So you click on their listings and take a look at their profiles which contain business information and photographs of their garages. One mechanic has a long list of reviews, and they’re all positive! You know this is who’d you’d like to bring your car to. All you’ve got to do is press the “Call” button on his listing and you’ll be on your way. Google My Business makes the process of someone finding your business and contacting you seamless.



We will create your listing so that you appear at the top spots in your area, working on its SEO for 6 months to ensure that it stays there. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is what determines your relevance on Google searches. We’ll fulfill the hundreds of constantly evolving criteria necessary for your listing’s strong performance. We’ll set a geographic range to target and determine the most effective categories for people to find you under. The strategic use of keywords, citations and linking will set your business apart from the competition.

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