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A really good keyword analysis is the foundation for all your Search Engine Optimisation, search engine marketing and what you should communicate in your traditional marketing. When your working with Search Engine Optimisation one of the first steps you should take before you do anything else is a keyword analysis. Using the right keywords is extremely important when it comes to divert traffic to your website. In the end it will affect how many of your visitors on your webpage will convert in to actual clients. Therefore make sure you find the right keywords you want to focus on and make sure they are relevant for your specific business.

A keyword analysis will give you a better vantage point in your Search campaign. Of course it’s important to show up on the first page and on the top however it’s more important to show up for the right keyword and key phrases. A common mistake is to pick keywords that are too broad and the simply will attract the wrong visitors. With a keyword analysis you will give yourself the possibility to be seen for the right kind of searches so you can increase the traffic and reach your conversion. A lot of times it’s better to find what are called long tailed keywords which will not give you as much traffic as a short tailed term but will usually lead to a conversion.

So rather than picking the most generic keywords a lot of the time it’s better to pick a word that is a bit more specific. Generally the more specific the word is the higher the possibility that when they find you on the first page that they want to buy what your selling.


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