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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is extremely important if you want to reach out to people that are looking for what your selling. But how does SEO work and why is it so important? Start by looking at the way you search. How do you go about when you know you need a product or a service but you do not know from where or who you can buy it? You will probably Google a keyword and then check the results that is on the first page. There is about 40 000 searches per second made on Google which is 3.5 Billion searches per day world wide.

SEO is the work that is done on businesses to inform Google and other search engines what is actually on your website. It could for example be about the content, that there isn't enough text and are the keywords you are using throughout the content on your website? What does the meta description look like?

SEO will not work if you just focus on one part of the ranking factors. SEO will always be in a constant change and it’s simply not good enough to sit back once you succeed to climb to the first page or desired positions. It’s increasingly more important to have a mobile optimised website. Google will constantly change their factors in regards to what you should focus on however one of the most important factors as of now is to make sure that your website is mobile optimised.



Search Engine Optimisation could be one of the most important investments you ever make. It’s about working with organic results so that all search results are connected to an ad. The search engines demand for quality and improved content is always increasing in tact with the quality of Search Engine Optimisation company your using.

Often we will split Search Engine Optimisation in three different elements - analysis, on page and link strategy. When it comes to the analysis part it’s about getting the most profitable search terms from the influencing factors such as competition and relevancy. On page is about all the sections that change on your own website for example; headlines, quality of the text and the content. When it comes to the link strategy it comprises all the work in regards to collecting links to your website. Clear SEO has the competence for all aspects of Search Engine Optimisation. We can help you to find the most profitable search terms and build your website in the right way. We will also help you to to create strong and organic content and Search Engine Optimised text for your webpage. We can in addition also make your webpage responsive so it will work as well as in a computer, tablets and mobile. Google's recently updated algorithm will prioritise your business if your website is mobile optimised.

When we talk about organic content what we mean is content that you will create yourself on your website, blog or in one of your social media accounts. The bottom line is about creating content that is strong and engaging for your target group that in the end of the day will lead you hopefully to making more sales. However it’s also about methodically working with your content so you will rank high up on search engines.



Once we have you on board with our SEO services, you will be contacted by our highly trained staff to walk through the SEO setup. They will speak with you to ensure we understand the brief of the project and the budget allocated to your campaign. We also provide a detailed report based on the research of your competitors and the intent of the most relevant keywords in your field. The selection of your keywords and area is very important when we are conducting SEO on your website, for example "Massage Therapist" in "Wollongong" most clients we work with see an increase in their exposure but we also go through our recommendations of how we can improve their conversions once we achieve their ideal position.
The greatest thing about keyword analysis is that it provides us with insights on:

Who is currently searching for you?
Where they are searching from?
Most relevant keywords in your industry.
Forecast of what can be expected.
Keyword Volume & Density

Having the right information is vital with creating an effective campaign. Once we have chosen the most profitable keywords we work with you to develop a strategy that will not only improve your online presence but your conversion rate through your website.
Although Google trawls the web to find relevant information the essential part of SEO is having the right links connected to your website.
Having the right design in addition to the SEO will not only have a positive effect to your conversion rate online but make sure that your website is easily indexed by Google spiders who will speed up the process for SEO.
Throughout the duration of your campaign we will work with you to ensure the content on the website is up to date and relevant to reflect your business.
Our mission is to ensure that all staff experience customer satisfaction, we will work with you along the way in response to any update that will be relevant to your business. SEO is an ongoing service where it requires us to constantly maintain the work for example content management, link building, working with our web designers and providing reports to ensure you are updated on what is happening from the backend. Any problem that arises we will be quick to act on it and fix it.

Did you not find what you searching for?

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