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November 6, 2017
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Knowledge is vital as it enables a person to deal with life as a whole. There are various resources that help women to become powerful entrepreneurs. I have listed the top 10 resources for women entrepreneurs 2019.



The NSW Government launched The Women’s Online Network (WON), a platform capable of supporting and championing women entrepreneurs through their business journey. The network has been created by female industry leaders and is a one-stop-shop connecting aspiring and existing entrepreneurs with the resources, knowledge and people that can help them create and grow their business to new levels.



37 Angels logo

This is a group of women investors with the aim to educate small investors and help more women to become investors. This network was discovered by the entrepreneur, Columbia business school professor and Pipeline alumna Angela Lee. In 2018, 26% of Angels were women. That is double the amount of what it was since 2011. In 2011 it was only 12%, but we can still improve. 37 angels provide investor bootcamps to learn the procedure of angel investing. This bootcamp is available both online and in New York City. Female and Male founders can apply for a possibility to launch angels network in New York City.




This foundation has a goal of empowering women entrepreneurs with the help of capital, education, and fellowship program. Their capital program connected with Bank of America helps gain access to affordable loans with the help of Community Lenders. The foundation is able to provide female entrepreneurs business and management education due to partnership with Goldman Sachs’s 10,000 small businesses. This program provides workshops, support of a year, a $10,000 award, and a chance to gain a grant worth $100,000.



Women Who Startup is a platform for female entrepreneurs who gain support from accelerators and investors in Denver, Colorado. This network was founded by the founder Lizelle Van Vuuren after questioning herself where were all the women in the room in networking. This network holds up basecamps events in Denver and Boulder quiet often. They also have an amazing podcast sharing the intriguing interviews with women entrepreneurs.



This network conducts Black and Latinx women founders through the startup pipeline. This includes a 26 week incubator program which is a research project about women of colour and tech entrepreneurship and other networking events. Their motto: “We’re all about investing where others won’t. Championing what others don’t. We’re doubling down on opportunities that other consider small bets.”



All Raise is a great platform that helps in connecting women entrepreneurs with female mentors and VC. It also helps in increasing the number of women entrepreneurs in venture capital firms.




Although Max Funding are not an exclusive to helping female Entrepreneurs raise capital. I think they are worth mentioning while on the topic of raising capital. As one of the oldest business lending companies in Australia they have assisted over 8,596 businesses with business finance. Reach out to them, they are always open to giving female entrepreneurs free advice on how to raise money for their business.



YPO stands for “The Young Presidents’ Organisation. It is a platform that enables you to grow and enjoy as I have personally experienced. It also lets you interact and meet other executives across various industries. All of their meetings always consist of an educational component, and personally it’s an amazing experience to learn things through the content of the day or the speaker.



The network is a great informative resource that also provides funding and deals at a higher level. It is more tech-focused but their newsletter is great as it contains a lot of news you would have to search on your own. Personally I found this the most helpful.



I personally adore Nuzzel since it combines things based on your network, so it is able to list stories in an order based on what people in your network prefer reading and sharing. It is mainly helpful when you have a small amount of time. Most articles are from the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and other amazing publications.

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